Capitana Sailing School

Fully accredited sailing instruction and certification in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico – USVI) and Annapolis, MD


Join us and learn while you explore the US mainland and the US and Spanish Virgin Islands with the best native captains and crew.  Let us pamper and show you hidden magical places and how to navigate our friendly and adventurous waters. You will learn much from secrets of the trade, finding the boat that fits your needs, how to respond quickly and safely when an emergency arises. We believe in safety first and CapitanaSOS will assist you achieve and maintain a steady course to your true north as you embark on your quest to learn to sail and the ways of the sea and sky.

  • Sailing Instruction online and on-the-water
  • Powerboat and Seamanship Instruction
  • Achieve the empowerment of knowledge
  • Assure the security of Safety First
  • Feel the sun caress your skin and the wind comb your hair.

“I’ve been sailing internationally for over 35 years. My mission is to promote safety on the sea and to inspire other women to get involved in water sports.

I am known as the Puertorrican Mermaid.”

– Capt. Suzy Acevedo

What do you want to learn?

Training Courses & Certifications | Sail & Power

Maybe you dreamed it, maybe you wished it or maybe it’s on your bucket list. Whichever it may be are you willing to take the challenge? Be the dictator of your destiny. There’s a different sense to self, freedom and independence when you take charge of your destiny and become your own ruler.

Learn to Sail

Capitana Sea School Sailing Training

Let’s start sailing! It’s never too early or too late. The timing is always right to start sailing with our beginner to advanced sailing training.

Large Sailboat & Bareboat

Capitana Bareboat Charter sailing training

Whether sailing your own boat or bareboat chartering, learn to sail large sailboats (keelboats or catamarans) on multi-day coastal passages.

International Licensing

NauticEd International Sailing License & Credentials SLC

Gain your SLC license for bareboat chartering worldwide.

Training you can Trust

Fully Accredited Sailing Training and Certification

NauticEd 21st Century Sailing Education

NauticEd’s mission is to educate and train competent sailors. NauticEd programs exceed all U.S. and international recreational sailing standards. NauticEd courses conform to U.S. Coast Guard EDU-3, NASBLA verified third-party assessment, and exceed United Nations (UNE) Resolution 40 competence standards. Learn more about NauticEd »